IDF NEWS: Daniel Engel Moves Into 1st Overall In World Rankings

The IDF is in South America, last week Peru, this week Brazil, and we’re nearly at the halfway point to the season. After the South American leg wraps up, the riders chasing points will head to Europe.

Open World Rankings

Arirang Hill Fest Photo

Currently in first place overall in the World Rankings is Daniel Engel, and for the first time as well. Engel is 25 years old, a regular on the West Coast and can be found skating and volunteering most regularly around his home of Bakersfield, California.

Round out the top 3 in the Open Category are Sweden’s Mauritz Armfelt who is currently healing from an injury and Australia’s Mitch Thompson. With Mauritz out he will likely drop in the rankings, while Mitch has a lot of opportunity to have a strong year, if he’s traveling the point series.

Heal Up Mauritz!

Women’s World Rankings

Arirang Hill Fest Photo

Another new first place in the ladies is Elissa Mah from New Zealand. A strong competitor when she is at a race, it’s awesome to see her excelling and pushing to the top of the point series. We also heard she will now be riding for Landyazhtz, congrats to Elissa!

World Rankings Overall

Upcoming Schedule

More info on rankings and upcoming events can be found on the IDF website.